Five out of the last six weeks I’ve been sick. Really sick. Sinus infection followed by antibiotics which didn’t work, followed by an ear infection and a second dose of antibiotics. Why is this important? Because I’ve spent a whole lot of time on by butt in front of the television watching the Olympics. Thank God for Tivo, by the way, as it allowed me to skip over the parts that didn’t interest me and get right to the good stuff … snowboarding, skiing, speed skating.

I typically don’t have the TV on when my son is awake. I’m already out of the house at work every day, so I’m particular about the fact that I want his full attention on me when we’re together every afternoon/evening. I can’t compete with Bob the Builder. Just can’t.

Being sick, however, tends to throw many of the ‘rules’ out of the window. I guess I’m one of those people that throws out the “I’m sick” justification for eating comfort food that’s not good for me, and for watching more TV than any person should. So, one evening I was too sick and too tired (literally) to pay due attention to my son. I pulled the “I’m sick” card and decided to entertain my son for the evening with TV – specifically, the half pipe at the Olympics.

My son LOVED watching the boarders jump, twist, turn and fall on the half pipe. Every time they took flight he squealed with delight. After watching for about ten minutes, he started trying to immitate the jumps and twists off the sofa. I was thrilled.

The following weekend I was feeling a bit stronger so my husband and I decided to take our son to the snow for his first-ever snow visit. I wasn’t sure it was going to be a good day since he wanted nothing to do with wearing the snow gear we brought for him. After a bit of negotiation tactics with a two-year old, he finally allowed us to dress him and ten minutes later he was having a blast in the snow. We didn’t bring any snow toys with us because we weren’t sure what to expect. Plus, we just don’t have any. We decided to build a snowman. What kid doesn’t love buidling snowmen? My kid was in to it until my husband found an old skate board w/o wheels that someone had disgarded. He started to use it as a shovel to help in the snowman effort, but our son had other ideas. He saw it, shouted “snow board”, grabbed it and threw it on the ground, immediately stood on top of it and said “push me”! I was so excited!! The remainder of our time playing in the snow was spent pushing him around on his “snow board”!

So, you’ve heard it here first. My son is a future Olympian. I’m sure of it. Posted by Picasa