Have I mentioned that I’m 39 years old? I don’t look – nor do I act my age. Which is a good thing. According to me, anyway – I’m not sure others would agree.

So, I’m a 39 year old with a very active 2 year old boy who wanted recently to learn how to sommersault. No problem. Piece of cake.

What the hell???

My body made cracking and popping noises unlike I’ve ever heard. After showing my son how it’s done – the sommersault, that is – I lay on the floor still. I was afraid to move because I was sure I pulled something somewhere and the only reason I wasn’t yet screaming at the top of my lungs for my husband’s help in getting me an ambulance was because I had not yet moved my body, therefore I was somehow putting off the intense pain I knew was coming.

Miracles do happen. I didn’t pull anything – and I wasn’t even in pain. I just cracked every bone in my body – like one cracks their knuckles. A very loud reminder that regardless of how young I may look or act, I am – in fact – 39 years old. And that’s old.