My Dearest V,

Today is Wednesday, March 8, 2006 and you are two years, three months and four days old! It’s been a busy month with lots of firsts for you … your first snow experience, you saw your first rainbow, you (accidentally) saw your first episode of Barney (damn!), and your vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds.

Every day I ask you if you had a good day at school and what you did at school. Up until about a week ago, you would answer me in toddler-gibber, but now you’ve started telling me a few things every day in toddler-english! Tonight when I asked you what happened at school, you told me that Wilson got an owwie and that you sang “ABCs”. My little man is growing up a bit too quickly.

You can count to six before you get lost.

You’re still taking a good afternoon nap to the tune of about two hours. Yay for me!

Your hair is still magnificently curly.

You like to build towers with your dad, using the building blocks he made for you.

You love to read books and quickly point to and name nearly all of the pictures in your books.

You insist upon playing baseball every single night before bedtime. For a two year old, you really hit well – and consistently – and you throw hard – and straight! There’s absolutely a future in this sport for you, if your obsession with it continues.

It dawned on my the other day that your dad and I have quite a few nicknames for you. I’m sure they’ll change over time, so in an effort to capture them in my memory, I’ve decided to list them for you:

Spaghetti Boy
Toddler Rho
VJ (that’s pappa’s nickname for you, which he still spells ‘Veejay’, like the golfer)

Although you’ve never been a child to carry around a blanket or a stuffed animal, you do have one of each that you’ve named and that you must sleep with every single night. “Bo the Blue Bear”, or “Bo” as you call him, is a darling blue stuffed bear that you’ve had since birth. I’m not sure how you picked him over all of the other stuffed animals sitting around your room, but you did. Every time I check on you in the middle of the night, Bo is snuggled tightly under your arm. Sometimes he sleeps on top of your head … one of these times I hope to get a photo of that! With Bo is “Bo’s Blanky”, a small blue blanket that must always be with Bo. As with Bo, I don’t know how you picked Bo’s Blanky, but you did and you love it. Luckily for me, I’ve yet to misplace Bo or Bo’s Blanky – although knowing me, it will happen at some point. I ask you now to please forgive me as I didn’t mean to do it on purpose.

Although every day you get a little bit better and manipulating your dad and I, we – at the moment – still are enjoying the upper hand. As an example, I’ve discovered that you don’t like it when we cry. This is wonderful because every single morning when you refuse to let me dress you, I simply pretend to cry and you immediately say “don’t cry mommy”, run over and let me dress you! We’ve been doing this routine for about 2 weeks now, and I’m grateful I can still get away with it!

Jus like you don’t like us crying, you are always concerned about our feelings. If it appears to you that I am upset, perplexed, confused, or in any way out of sorts, you always stop whatever it is that you are doing, come over to me, pat me on my leg, look close in to my eyes with the most darling concerned look on your face and say “okay, mommy?”. TO DIE FOR!

You are an amazing little boy and I am having the time of my life with you. You have a colorful, glorious, magnetic personality – and everyone you meet loves to be around you.

I love you, bubbies …