V is at a wonderful stage in his life where he is learning the English language and how to communicate – and those of us witnessing this process are continuously entertained.

Each time we’re in the car he points out everything he sees to me during the drive. He sees birds, “pick-up daddy’s truck” (which is any truck that looks like the one his dad drives), school buses, birds, dogs, men (“what’s that man doing, mama?” – thankfully, nothing raunchy or illegal), ducks and his favorite, the garbage truck.

Yesterday, in the midst of his excitement over the dump truck he spotted there was an abrupt and sudden change in his tone. “Go away, sun” he demanded. “Don’t like the sun. Go away. Don’t like it.” These demands by a pint sized being who means what he says, accompanied by hand gestures that signaled Get The Heck Outa Here, Sun!

Initially I was a little confused and not quite sure why he was proclaiming that he didn’t like the sun however at the next stop sign I glanced over my shoulder to see that his eyes were squinted tightly in an effort to block the bright light that was impairing his ability to see all of the wonderful things he sees every day. The kid honestly thought that the sun would, in fact, go away if he told it to. And guess what? It did. Never mind that it happened because I turned left at that stop sign. As far as he was concerned he told the sun to go away and the sun did what it was told. A broad smile full of pride appeared across his face. Success.

This is likely one of those You Had To Be There moments. Or maybe it’s just me that finds it entertaining because he’s my kid and everything he does is perfect and brilliant and unlike any other two year old. (kidding). Either way, it’s documented here so that one day he can read about how his mom is fascinated by everything he says and does. Sigh.