I don’t often dine alone. Not for any other reason than I don’t often have the opportunity. Dining alone is something I love. No book to read. No one to talk to. Just me and lots and lots of people watching. Heaven!

Today was a heaven day for me. To begin with after what seems like months-on-end of rain, we woke up to brilliant sun which has stayed with us all day. On a day like this, it pains me to sit inside my office and eat at my desk. Just not acceptable. So, off I went to take care of a few errands on foot.

First stop – Longs Drugs. In case you’re like me and curious about what people buy at Longs Drugs and why, here’s my list:

Delsym – because V has woken up a bit weazy the last two mornings and the doctor suggested this might help.

Ovulation Predictor Kit – obvious reason

Travel Case of Baby Wipes – because I lost mine and can’t believe how much I rely on that damn thing!

Advil – to hopefully take care of the throbbing headache I’ve enjoyed all day due to the fact that a softball hit me in the head last night during our game.

Hair Spray – I’m out. Need more.

Next stop was lunch. I grabbed a salad sampler and a seat outside. The place I ate is located near the State Capitol, and I’m not sure if that’s why, but the people watching was at its best. I saw a little bit of everything and loved it all. It made me, for the first time, agree with Time Magazine’s claim that Sacramento is the nation’s most diverse city. Prior to my experience today, I had to disagree with that notion. However, I now know that their definition of diversity must have been a bit different from the usual. I’m thinking they meant that you can find “oddballs of all sorts” here in Sacramento and they were simply trying to find a more PC way to express it.

Looking around the crowded eatery, I could not imagine any two tables of people having a single subject in common with one another. Present and accounted for were suits, construction workers, interns, artists, state employees, and even a homeless person. That was inside of the eatery. The “diversity”, however, could be found outside, on the streets of Sacramento. Just a few of my favorites:

1. Ballet dancer just before her performance. She was standing outside smoking a cigarette. Although I see this often when I walk by this building, I am taken aback every time. I’m not sure why it seems to wrong to me – but I seriously have the same reaction to seeing this as I would witnessing a pregnant woman smoking. It’s just not right.

2. A nun in pants. Have never before seen it. Of course, if I was a better Catholic and went to church more often, maybe I’d have seen it. Not only was she wearing pants, but piece de resistance was clearly the black leather fanny pack. I just can’t stop laughing long enough to comment any further.

3. A man in suit with one of those things coming out of his ear that looks more like a short squatty pen of some sort but is actually a cell phone ear piece. I can definitely see a time and place for such a device. When driving in a car. When working on a laptop. When carrying kids around. But not when having lunch with a friend. You look just plain stupid! Attention all men: It’s NOT a fashion accessory! I’ve never seen a woman with one on her ear while eating lunch with a friend. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of a time when I’ve ever seen a woman outside of her car with one of those things. Maybe I need to get out more – but I think not. Instead, all men who think that they’re too important to take it off during a meal … with other people … in a public place … WAKE UP! You’re not that important. You’re being rude to those you are with. And you look stupid.

4. I see transvestites and/or cross dressers often. I’m not at all phased by them. Having lived in San Francisco where you meet people of all kinds, you learn acceptance. But every once in awhile I see one and just have to shake my head. Today was that once in a while. He/she was wearing a black business suit – button down jacket and skirt – with mid-sized heels. Professional suit, no question. But it didn’t fit and it was completely disheveled. Actually, as I sit down to type this, perhaps he/she had just returned from an amazing “quickie” during lunch. It would make perfect sense. His/her bad hair (wig) was a disaster, his/her makeup was in need of a total do-over, and he/she walked kind of strange. Ooooh. I’m sure of it. Must’ve been some great lunch-time sex. Now I’m jealous.