Here we are – the beginning of April – a full two weeks in to the Spring season and we’ve yet to see more than about an hour of sunshine. Excuse me? Did someone pack up my things and move me to Seattle without telling me??

I think the never-ending amount of rainfall has caused people in this town to lose it. Seriously. A woman was killed at a gas station yesterday after an altercation with the man at the pump next to her. She didn’t know him. They argued. She’s dead.

Last night my husband and I were driving home from visiting family at about 8:30pm. It was raining – again. Actually, it was raining – still. We were in the far right-hand lane and cars were merging in to our lane. One such merging car neglected to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic, and tried to cut us off and merge in front of us. He didn’t make it because it wasn’t safe. We initially thought he just didn’t see us, so my husband beeped the horn to let him know we were there.

Evidently he did see us and wasn’t happy about the fact that he had to yield to us. He aggressively drove up next to us, his passenger rolled down the window and threw a hard object at us. Thank God it didn’t hit the window as it would have shattered it.

My husband instinctively followed the car to get his license plate and had me dial 911. When he realized we were following him, he tried to get us to rear-end him on the freeway. When he realized my husband was keeping a safe enough distance to keep that from occurring, he pulled over to the side of the freeway. We didn’t pull over – we drove by slow enough to rattle off the license plate to the 911 dispatcher and then kept going.

What in the hell were we thinking? I barely slept last night questioning our motives. It was one of the most stupid things we have ever done. The freak could have had a gun. Our son, who was asleep in his car seat, could have been harmed. Any of us could have been killed. We could have injured other people had the asshole caused us to lose control of our car. Any number of awful scenarios could have played out and we would have forever been kicking ourselves square in the ass. What in the hell were we thinking??

The car has a decent sized dent about three inches below the driver-side window. My husband told me not to worry, that we’d get it fixed. But I don’t want to fix it. I want an in-your-face reminder every time I get in that car that it’s just not worth it. That asshole will get his in due time. I have to believe that. But I will never again put my child in harms way trying to play cop and robber.

I checked the forecast this afternoon. Rain, rain and more rain. I think I’ll stay off the freeway until the sun shines again.