Today you are two years and four months old – a third of the way through your “terrible twos” which, luckily, have not been terrible at all. It’s the threes I’m told I need to really worry about …

You are talking like a little man now, stringing three sentences together on a regular basis. “Look at my car, Mama”, “The car is broken”, “I fixed the car, Mama”.

It’s so much fun to have little conversations with you! I’ve been trying to video tape you so that you can look back at yourself 20 years from now and hear how cute you sounded, but every time I turn on the video camera, all you want to do is see yourself in the little display. You forget about everything except the fact that you’re on camera, so I’ve temporarily given up hope of taping you.

You are currently obsessed with looking at yourself. In the mirror, on the video camera, on the digital camera. Just this morning you picked up mommy’s “cramurah” and told me to take a picture of you. Saying “cheeeeese” with the biggest cheesy grin ever, you stood there proudly. As soon as the picture took, you said “I want to see” – “there’s V!!!”

You still love baseball.

You’ve taken to golf quite a bit. Papa babysat you one night last month and he must have showed you how to putt, and you’ve been putting and golfing every day since.

Picking your nose, or “nose picky” as you refer to it, is a recently added obsession. Sigh.

You can now count to ten, although you still occasionally forget about seven and immediately jump from ten to fourteen.

I had a brilliant mama moment this month! It’s regarding your obsession with baseball. You always want to play it in the house because it’s been too darn rainy to go outside. Problem is that you tend to lose of the “house friendly” baseballs, and you hit so hard that I’m afraid you’re going to break something. My brilliant mama moment came to me when we were visiting your Auntie Gail and Uncle Gary last weekend. I forgot your baseball and bat and you were not happy with me. So, I showed you how to pretend you were holding a bat, and I pretended to throw you a ball. You then automatically pretended to hit it and I pretended that you hit a home run! You loved it – and we played pretend baseball for what seemed like hours. We’ve played every day since then too. And nothing’s been broken.

Our month was busy with lots of exciting activity. Your cousins Gus and Maddie came and spent the weekend with us. You LOVED the time you spent playing with them. We had Mike, Yvette, Steve, Michelle, Charlie and Uncle Tony over for dinner while Gus and Maddie were in town – so you were surrounded by family. We also went to the zoo. You loved the snakes.

We spent a weekend at Auntie Gail & Uncle Gary’s. We had lots of visitors there – all of which came to see you! Danny and his parents, Ernie and Anna, and Barbara and Jim. It was a non-stop weekend, which you loved. You especially loved spending time at the Children’s Discovery Museum!

This past weekend you got to see Grandma and Grandpa G, Uncle Rocky, Uncle Frank and your cousin Cody. We spent a few hours with them and had dinner. Took you awhile to warm up, but once you were comfortable, you played like crazy! We also saw Papa and his girlfriend this past weekend … that’s when we received the news that they are engaged.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, your twos have not been too terrible. You’re certainly learning to test your dad and I. For whatever reason, you think it’s very, very funny to kick me while I’m trying to change your diaper or get you dressed. For the record: it’s not funny.

Recently you’ve started crying for everything you want. “I want a gramma cracker” – crying. “I want my milk” – crying. “I want my shoes off” – crying. Actual tears. We’re working through it and are trying to teach you that you don’t get the things you want by crying and whining. Good luck to us.

I would honestly have to say those are the only two annoying habits you’ve picked up within the last month. Of course, there have been days where you’ve not wanted to eat, where you’ve thrown your toys, where you won’t do anything I ask – but I’ve found that you are typically a fantastic kid that gets a bit out of sorts when he’s tired or not feeling well. Otherwise, you’re just perfect!

One particularly wonderful habit you’ve picked up in the last month is hugging and kissing me … lots. You love to crawl on my lap in a little ball and hug me tightly, kissing me ever so softly. It’s an amazing feeling and makes me realize that I’m the luckiest mom on Earth.

I am truly blessed to have you in my life, V.

Love, Mom