Embarrassing moments. We all have them. I had a doozy today.

After nearly an hour at City Hall in the Planning office trying to determine the easements for our property, I was by myself in the elevator riding down to the lobby. Glancing at the paperwork I had just been given, I was concentrating on the words, trying to translate what appeared to me a foreign language … “I just want to know how tall my fence can be!”.

Completely unaware of the location of the elevator in relation to where I got on (3rd floor) and where I was getting off (ground floor), I was not expecting it when the elevator door opened. Startled, I suddenly let out a very loud fart. I looked up and four faces wearing large grins were staring back at me.

No one else was in the elevator.
I was guilty and it couldn’t have been more obvious.
I had no idea what to say or do –

I quickly put on my sunglasses, put my head down, and walked out the door.

I just hope it wasn’t a smelly one …