Welcome to my home. It was built in 1917, partially updated sometime in the 1980’s and purchased by my husband and I in early 2002.

“The Easter Egg House” was the name that immediately came to mind when our realtor first showed us the home. Every room was painted a different pastel color. I love color. In fact, I absolutely hate white walls. White walls make me think of rental property. But pastel? Everywhere? Not for me. But hey, it’s just paint. Easter egg colors aside, the home came with a beautiful built-in china hutch in the formal dining room, another beautiful built-in bookcase in the living room, coved ceilings, picture railings in every room, a full basement and the crème de la crème … a clawfoot tub. Never mind that it was painted pastel pink. It was a clawfoot. Original to the home.

Because we are drawn to project houses, we were drawn to this one. Plumbing and electrical had been updated, so other than central heat and air, the only immediate need was cosmetic.

Over the last four years we’ve put a lot in to the home (hours, sweat, money, etc). But very few of these projects are actually finished. I’ve spent many hours thinking about this, trying to analyze why this is. The only conclusion I can come to is that my husband is too cheap to pay anyone to do the work, and he gets bored with one project and moves on to the next before finishing the first. The one and only project we paid someone else to do for us is the one and only project that is 100% complete! Here is our current list of not-quite-finished projects:

– Hard wood floor. We still have one room left to lay it down in, however we are still missing two thresholds in another room, and the base molding has yet to be finished in yet another room.

– Painting. Most rooms in the home have been painted, yet at least four of the rooms are not yet finished. The kitchen still needs the doors and the crown molding painted. The hallway is only ¼ painted. The guest bedroom has various “spackle” spots that need to be repainted. The bathroom still has touch up painting needed – and the bathroom door needs to be painted.

– We put new flooring in the kitchen – but we are still missing baseboards on one full wall.

– We attempted to landscape our backyard ourselves and spent a lot of money of plants and trees, but have yet to put down bark to “finish” the job.

– We built a deck the first summer we moved in. The deck still has temporary stairs in one spot, is missing stairs altogether in two spots, and has no railing on the bottom part at all. Definitely looks unfinished and really, really bad.

My job now is to work hard to make sure my husband does not start any new projects before finishing the above projects. Some of this work I am completely capable of doing myself, but he won’t let me because he tells me I don’t do it as well as he does.

Every Saturday morning in our home plays out the exact same way. Over breakfast and a cup of coffee, we list out the things each of us want to complete by the end of the weekend. Every single time, my husband tries to add a new house project to the list.

“Why don’t we start on the basement?”

“Can I start building shelves for your pantry?”

“Let’s look in to extending the fence”

No! No! And NO!

Wait a minute. I have an idea! Let’s finished what we’ve started before we start something else we won’t finish!!