My Dearest V:

Here we are again. The 4th of the month. This time we’re 2 years and 5 months in to your life and – wow- it’s been unbelievable.

Now that our weather has improved, you need to take a bath every single night. As soon as we get home from school we eat dinner and then it’s outside to play. You love playing “badman” or badmitten, as the rest of us know it. You can play with your little racket for hours … but not without getting very, very dirty.

What’s new? Let’s re-cap:

– Your favorite new phrase … “You joking me, mama”. “Silly mama”.

– During our nightly game of “batting practice”, you’ve started swinging the bat right-handed for some reason. It evidently doesn’t feel natural to you because you’re taking a double swing. Your dad is working on that with you.

– You can now draw a football – and it actually looks like a football! I have pages and pages of footballs. I’ll be sure to save one for you in your keepsake box.

– You’ve started wearing sandals now that it’s getting hot outside, but you don’t like them. You liked them fine last summer, but not so far this year.

– You have yet to show any interest in potty training … hopefully soon!

– Gretchen killed a frog (accidentally). It was Gus’ frog and thanks to Gus you walked around saying “Gretchen killed a frog” for about an hour.

– You’re back to calling Uncle Tony “Uncony”. I hope it sticks.

– You eat great when you’re at school, but when you’re home you only want to eat peanuts or yogurt.

One of my favorite memories of this past month took place when we were driving home after a weekend at Papa’s house. Let me first mention that for two days in a row you didn’t take a nap AND you went to bed later than normal. The good news is that for as tired as you were, you were having too much fun playing with your cousins Gus and Maddie, so you never got cranky. By the time we got in the car to drive home on Sunday, I knew it wouldn’t take long before you’d fall asleep. I gave you some milk to drink – which you finished very quickly and immediately asked for more. I told you that I didn’t have any more milk and that you would need to wait until we got home. You proceeded to make up a song with only three words in it … No More Milk. And you sang that song for about three or four minutes. When I was stopped at a stop light, I turned around to look at you and you were singing the song even though you had fallen asleep!! It was the cutest thing ever!!

You love your daycare. You love helping prepare snacks and lunch – especially breaking the ends off the green beans. You love your yoga poses they’ve taught you before quiet time, and playing the drums in the afternoon. The friends you play with all of the time are Carly and Wilson. Every day when you leave school you wave goodbye to your friends and say “Ciao bella”!

That’s my boy. Ti amo, mi amor.