We’re now officially in a pattern, and it’s not a good one. V has been going down to sleep without a problem again (yay!), however just like clockwork he’s waking up sometime between 2:30 and 3:00am and will NOT go back to sleep.

The waking up thing is not new. He’s done this for a long time now, but he’s always fallen back asleep. Rarely have we had to go in and comfort him. He’s typically woken up, barely cried for about 15 seconds and then back to sleep.

No more.

The kid now wakes up and cries like someone is torturing him.

A glimpse into our now nightly conversation:

V: “Mama. I want my mama” (crying hysterically)

Me: “Honey. Honey. Are you awake?”

Husband: “Yeah. What should we do?”

Me: “As I see it, our options are:
(a). do nothing and see if he’ll eventually stop crying. (note: this doesn’t work because he simply gets frustrated, walks out of his bedroom and heads right for our bed)
(b). go in his room, calm him down, put him back to bed. (note: this hasn’t worked either. He stiffens his little two-year old body and refuses to get back in to bed. We put him in bed, he gets right back out)
(c). one of us goes in and sleeps on the floor. The one of us that does that doesn’t sleep because the floor’s uncomfortable and is very grouchy the next day.
(d). V comes in to our room and sleeps. He wins again.”

Husband: “What does the books say we should do?”

Me: “I don’t know. I don’t read them”

Husband: “What do your friends recommend?”

Me: “Nothing that we haven’t already tried and failed at”

Now this is where the nightly conversation can change from time to time, but lately it’s been one of only two scenarios:

Scenario A: Husband goes and sleeps on the floor in V’s room. Once he thinks V is nice and asleep – which is typically about an hour later – he attempts to sneak back to our bedroom. Somehow our child senses him leaving the room, wakes up out of a dead sleep, and cries bloody murder again.

Scenario B: V comes in to our bed and we all sleep the rest of the night.

I actually HAVE been asking my friends what I should do. So far everyone’s told me that their child did the same thing and that eventually he’ll get over it – but it will likely take a long, long time. Great.

One piece of advice I liked was telling V that he could sleep in Mommy & Daddy’s bed on Thursday nights only. I like the sound of that – except for the fact that V doesn’t yet have the concept of time in terms of days of the week, so I don’t see that working.

I guess we can now consider ourselves like most American families … a family where the parents have lost control and the kids rule the world. I swore I’d never allow my kid to be the boss of me. Sure sucks to admit I’ve allowed it. I sure wish I knew how to gain back the control. I’ll keep searching for a way – but in the meantime, I need to get my sleep, so the kid’s still winning. Damn.