My son’s two favorite words of the moment are “help me”! He says it probably fifty times a day. Most of the time, he doesn’t need any help – so I don’t give it to him. I simply tell him “I know you can do it, just try”, and then he tries, he accomplishes and exclaims with an abundance of pride “Look at me! I did it!!”.

A few weekends back we spent the night at my cousin’s house. V and I slept in a roll out bed which was uncharacteristically comfortable. It was a warm night, so the window was open and the ceiling fan was humming. Several times that night I’d be in a deep sleep and suddenly awakened by a little voice whispering “help me”! At first I thought he might be having a bad dream. I’d wake up, look at him and he’d be laying there with both arms extended straight up in the air. Completely perplexed, it took several renditions of “help me” – each one getting louder and more determined – before I realized that the help he wanted was for me to put his arms under the sheet because they were getting cold.

Watching my little man with his two darling arms stuck straight in the air, eyes closed tightly, still asleep, whispering “help me” was simply another reminder of how terrific this motherhood gig truly is.