In his short time here on Earth, V has quickly learned that his Daddy is MUCH more of a push over than his Mommy. An example of this played out last night …

I had a meeting last night and didn’t get home until 9:00pm – an hour after V’s bedtime. Lights were on all over the house, dirty dishes were in the sink, toys strewn all over the living room floor, two hungry dogs pacing in the kitchen. Where in the heck is Husband? Only because this scenario – in it’s near exact version – played out two weeks ago did I know where Husband was. He was still in V’s room trying to get him to go to sleep.

“Did you try the c-o-o-k-i-e bribe?”, I ask.

“Yes. It’s not working”

“Let me try”, I say.

I ask V if he wants any cookies tomorrow. He’s crying to hard to answer so I calmly explain to him that if he goes to bed he can have cookies tomorrow. I put him back in bed, he calms down, I say Good Night Moon to him and leave the room.

Two point five seconds later – he’s hysterical and at the bedroom door pounding.

I give it about three minutes and then I go in and calmly yet firmly tell him “You need to listen to me, V. Unless you go to bed right now and stay in your bed all night, you will not get any cookies tomorrow. Do you understand”?

“Yes, mama”

Internally I’m jumping for joy as I quietly put him back in bed and leave the room.


Five minutes pass. Still silent. SUCCESS!

12:48am. V wakes crying “I want my Daddy” – because he knows Daddy will give in to him and give him what he wants. Instead, he gets me. The first thing I tell him is that he needs to get back in to his bed if he wants cookies tomorrow.

Success again. We didn’t hear from the little guy until 6:30am this morning – and guess what? He didn’t even ask for a cookie!

Scoreboard … V=4, Parents=1