For those of us that live in the northern California valley, we are intimately familiar with every allergy relief product available to mankind. No matter where you go, you can overhear stories about allergy attacks. They’re everywhere. Hear that? Someone else just sneezed.


For the six years I lived in San Francisco I never had allergies. Of course, I never had a parking space, my own apartment, a backyard, or quiet neighbors either – all of which I do have here in Sacramento … along with those damn allergies.

For about a week now I’ve had a pretty spectacular attack. I’ve had to sleep downstairs on the sofa because it’s too hot upstairs so the windows need to be open, and an open window is cause for facial swelling, itchy eyes and non-stop sneezing that leaves you feeling like you’ve just completed one hundred sit-ups.
It’s also been about a week now since I’ve had a decent night sleep.

I had finally fallen asleep last night when V woke up. My internal clock was guessing it was about 3:00am – but after unsuccessfully trying to fall back to sleep for about an our or so, I realized it was much earlier.

V has allergies, too – and after waking up last night and crawling in bed with Daddy, I could hear him coughing quite a bit so I brought him some of his allergy medicine so that he could sleep. Daddy talked me in to closing the windows, turning on the air conditioner and sleeping with the three of them. Okay, deal.

Problem was that V kept tossing and turning, kicking and talking, on and on and on and on. It just wasn’t working. I sat up, told him that it was time for him to sleep in his bedroom. Immediate response? Crying. I calmly tried my cookie bribery, throwing some stickers in to the mix for extra effort.

It worked.

He went to bed in his own bedroom. And I finally fell asleep. At about 4:00am. And didn’t wake up until 8:30am – which was bad considering I typically start work by about that time. Oh, well – it was the first four+ hour stretch of sleep I’d had all week and I was a happy camper.