V loves to make up little ditties – most often when we’re in the car. My favorite ditty he’d created was entitled “No More Milk” … until yesterday.

On the 20+ minute car ride home from Lowe’s, he started singing a new ditty entitled “Fishy in the Water” – although he pronounces ‘water’ like ‘wah-duh’. He kept singing this little toon over and over. His dad decided to join in and changed the words to “Duck in the Water”. It became a game between the two of them – back and forth – each time each person had to change the item that was in the wah-duh.

Following are a few of my favorites that V came up with all on his own!

“Elephant in the wah-duh”

“Red light in the wah-duh”

“Skate board in the wah-duh”

“Shoe in the wah-duh”

“Other shoe in the wah-duh”