Damn! Damn! Damn! I had been holding off on posting anything about my eight-night-in-a-row of sleeping-in-his-own-bed record because I just KNEW I’d end up jinxing myself. Even as I sat typing my post yesterday, I thought to myself that I probably shouldn’t say anything about it yet. Ugh.

Just after 3:00am, I awoke to V crying “I don’t want a sticker. I don’t want a sticker. I want to be in Mama’s bed”.

I tried negotiation. I tried bribery. But the fact was that I had taken two Tylenol P.M. before bed and was in NO shape to spend any significant amount of time trying to negotiate or fight with a two-year old.

So, in my bed he came (with Dad).
And downstairs on the sofa I went.
At least we both slept soundly.