Today I took my little man to daycare so that I could have a day to myself. I get SO excited about having a full day all to myself that I immediately start thinking about all of the wonderful things I could do with my day. Inevitably, I’m disappointed at what I actually accomplish. More often than not, I catch up on sleep. Sigh.

I do have to get at least two things accomplished today … my tax preparations (we have an extension) and I need to spend what will probably end up being six million hours on the phone trying to get my wireless router working again. There goes my great idea for a pedicure … no time.

In an effort to get all my tax stuff together, I had to first had to tackle our junk drawer. I have no idea how it happens but the Husband and I somehow accumulate enough paper in this house that I’m sure if you placed each piece end-to-end, it would reach New York City. When we first moved in together, we had a cute Pottery Barn basket on top of our hall stand where we would put our mail. It didn’t take but a week before the piles of paper overflowed and started appearing all over the house. We’ve since upgraded twice and are now using a very large drawer in a very large and very old kitchen hutch. He gets half and I get half – and think for a moment that we didn’t physically split the drawer in half. And believe me, I hear it if I happen to spill over in to his half and vice versa.

Even with an enormous drawer in which to keep our piles of paper, we still overflow. I filled two paper grocery bags with ‘stuff’ from my side of the drawer, poured myself a cup of coffee and headed to the living room. I began organizing in piles all over the coffee table and sofa. I found the needed tax documents – and several surprises, including:

– A Starbuck’s gift card
– Movie theatre gift certificate
– Panera Bread gift card
– Sunday Brunch for two gift certificate
– $1.00
– A very old unopened bag of Poprocks (can I hear an Amen from those of you ladies who know what these are good for??)
– A birthday party invitation for my nephew. The party was in January and I’m just sure I never RSVP’d. And I never went. Such a loser.
– The pink slip to my car

Wow. I really should clean out that damn drawer more often.