Yesterday I was driving behind a woman who had her teenage son in the front passengers seat. It’s funny how you can imagine a conversation between two people based on body language alone. It was clear that her son was NOT interested in what she had to say to him and it made me sad. Sad because I know there will come a time when my little man, who so eagerly hugs and kisses me now, will no longer want to have anything to do with me. He will think everything I have to say is stupid. He will think I’m mean. He will think I’m too old to know what I’m talking about. He will tell me that I just don’t ‘get it’.

I pray that when that time comes that it’s just an abbreviated phase.

I pray that I will have the patience and wisdom necessary to get through it.

And I pray he never questions how much I love him. Even though I know it’s bound to happen.


My period is officially two days late. Have been in the bathroom twice feeling I was going to throw up. Got so bad, in fact, that I went and bought a home pregnancy test. Negative. I do know enough, thank goodness, to know that it very well could be a false negative. I’m going to try to wait four or five more days and take it again. Hopefully I can wait that long. And hopefully I won’t get my period.


I must be sleep deprived or something because I’m pretty cranky right now. The Husband in particular is getting on my nerves. In the grand scheme of things I know I’m married to a good man and an even better father. That’s why I must be cranky right now – because I’m not feeling he’s so great at the moment.

I feel like I spend my life cleaning up his messes. Not big messes, typically – just the little frickin’ shit that adds up and makes my head want to explode. This is nothing new, mind you. It’s been like this for the 8 years. And I’m a firm believer in picking my battles, which is why I’ve not said anything to him.

So humor me while I vent and list a few of his habits that make me want to chew my fingernails until the tips of my fingers start to bleed … ugh

1. Never closes the shower curtain. Pisses me off because I don’t want the thing to get moldy. Plus, the inside of the shower is ugly. The curtain is beautiful. It serves a purpose – so put it to use!

2. A somewhat recent, but nonetheless annoying habit he’s developed is to fold back the bathroom rug – approximately half way when he’s using the toilet or washing the sink. He tells me he does this because he doesn’t want to get them dirty. Very noble of him. But why can’t he put it back the way he found it when he leaves the bathroom???

3. He will never, ever, ever wash a pot or a pan. He’ll wash dishes, glasses, mugs, bowls, utensils – but no pots or pans. He always soaks them – even if they don’t need soaking. And they’ll remain soaking ten days later if I let them because once he soaks them he forgets about them. Which means he’ll never wash a pot or a pan because I end up washing it.

4. Our son still loves his high chair, which is pulled up to the kitchen table. Any time I’m not home when V eats, I know that I will come home to a chair that has been disassembled and still has leftover food – or at the very least the leftover mess – all over it. Every single time. Without fail.

5. The Husband owns no less than 50 baseball caps and at any given time I can find approximately ten of them sitting all over the kitchen, living room and bedroom areas. Which is not where they belong. I am constantly stacking the damn things and putting them at the bottom of the stair case in hopes they will grow their own legs and march upstairs in to the closet and on to that shelf that was built specifically for their housing. As you might imagine, I’m still hoping.

Thank you for the indulgence. I feel a bit better now.