I think I may be screwing this parent-of-a-toddler thing up. Monday through Friday – for the most part – V is in pre-school and I’m at the office. While at school, he plays well with others, he is exposed to many different developmentally stimulating activities and toys, he eats two very healthy meals along with two snacks, and he takes a two hour nap. There is orgnanized chaos and routines.

Enter … the weekend.

Today is a perfect example of just how I think I might be screwing everything up …

8:30am – V wakes up – we get him dressed and brush his teeth
8:50am – I try to get him to eat some breakfast – he won’t touch it
9:00am – He leaves with Daddy to spend the day with grandma
5:30pm – He returns home. Wearing different clothes. Because grandma gave him a bath. In the middle of the day. And he didn’t take a nap. And he barely ate anything because he was having too much fun playing with his cousin, Cody.
7:00pm – We go to a friends house for a BBQ. V plays outside with the other kids. Won’t stop playing so he can eat. Cranky because he’s not had a nap.
9:45pm – He goes to bed. Having eaten hardly a thing all day.

After putting V to bed, the Husband received a phone call from a friend of ours. After hanging up the phone he asks me if I want to go to the Rivercats ballgame tomorrow. It starts at 1:00pm. That would mean two days in a row with no nap. And unless we get seats in a suite again (which we won’t), it also means me running around the ballpark the entire time because V is too young to sit still and watch the game … while the Husband sits with his pals and drinks beer. Maybe it’s just because I’m tired at the moment, but this does not sound like a good time to me. I’ll pass. And I’ll try to give V a somewhat normal routine-of-a-day tomorrow. Of course, I say that every weekend … sigh