June 4, 2006
My Dearest V:

Today you are two and a half years old. How did that happen?? We had our first official family photo taken to commemorate the day. A few months back your dad had a little too much to drink at a fundraising event and put a few bids down on some silent auction items, two of which he won. Both of which were photography sessions. The good news is that we got a great deal! We ended up with one photo of the three of us that we like, one of just you that is wonderful, and then one each of you and your dad and you and I. And I must say, as two and a half year olds go, you were simply wonderful during our session today! Thank you!

We’re still struggling with getting you to spend an entire night in your own bed. The sticker and cookie reward system worked well for awhile, but stopped working a good week and a half ago. Every night you get in to bed and you get all excited about getting a sticker and cookies the next morning if you sleep in your bed all night, but then when you wake up and want to come in to our bed, you tell us that you don’t want stickers or cookies. In the interest of getting sleep ourselves, and because we actually love having you with us, we relent … even though we know we shouldn’t.

Your dad and I are also trying to figure out the whole discipline thing – especially as it pertains to you talking back to us. Tell us “no” when we tell/ask you to do something or when you tell us “I don’t want to”. Thankfully, this hasn’t happened too often … but your dad and I just need to make sure we’re on the same page so that you understand who is the parent in this relationship and who is the child (smile).

This past month has been a busy one … here are some of the highlights:

– We went to visit Auntie Michelle in Reno for the weekend
– Spent a day at Papa’s house, with Uncle Tony, making grapeleaves
– Had four bbq’s at our house
– You played with Kensington, Cody, Tristan, Cody again, Uncle Rocky and Uncle Gil. You spent a day with Grandma and she spoiled you rotten!
– You played in the backyard in your little pool for hours and hours on end
– You’ve learned to question everything and are doing so constantly
– You tell us stories and are very animated when you do so
– You still love to make up songs – but your most favorite song of late is one you made up about a golf by in the sky
– You are understanding and speaking more Spanish … now we just have to get you going on Italian!
– You still have no interest in potty training, nor do you have any interest in learning to dress yourself
– You are learning your colors! Especially as they relate to heavy machinery and equipment!!
– You are ALL boy – no question about that – and I love it!
– You still give the best kisses and squeezes in town
– You still call your shirt a “shirp”, which I just love, love, love. I have no idea why, but I just do
– I think that golf has officially replaced baseball as your favorite sport – although you still play plenty of baseball as well
– In addition to baseball and golf, you also love riding your bicycle, your scooter and pushing your lawn mower in the backyard
– You amaze me with your memory. Our cat died six months ago and you still talk about the time mommy had to take kitty to the doctor.

I love you my little spaghetti boy!
Mama G