… it really does blow my mind when I think about my son and how fast he's growing up. I, like most parents I'm guessing, wish I could bottle so many of the wonderful things I'm experiencing with him.

It's been nine months since I've been away from V longer than a day. And a lot has changed in those nine months, especially where his vocabulary and ability to communicate are concerned.

After a day of sight seeing here in D.C. and dinner with friends, I returned to my hotel room and called home. With the three hour time difference, the Husband and V were still outside playing in the pool. V got on the phone and I had the pure pleasure of experiencing my very first phone conversation with him. I converse with him every day so I'm not sure why it took a phone conversation 2,300 miles away from him to bring to light how fast he's grown.

"Hi Mom! I'm playing in the pool!"

"You are? Are you having fun?"

"Yes. I put my hat in the water!"

"Did you have a good day with your daddy?"

"Yes, we went on a bike ride and I went to the store with my daddy! … Mom? When you coming to my house?"

"I'll be home Wednesday night, sweetie. I love you and I miss you!"

"You be home Wednesday night? I miss you!"

I realize it doesn't sound like anything out of an ordinary conversation that would take place between a mother and child seperated from one another – but it was a conversation that nearly had me in tears because it hit me so hard that my little man is no longer my little baby. And although there I times I tell my friends that I can't wait to see what kind of man he will grow up to be, I just don't want it to happen too, too quickly.