After five days in D.C., I was hoping to return to a house that was relatively picked up. I wasn’t expecting a clean house (ie: dusted, vacuumed, etc), but I was really, really hoping that things would be put away where they belong.

No. Such. Luck.

I don’t get it. Why can’t the Husband ever clean up after himself? Or, knowing that my plane was delayed over four-frickin-hours, why couldn’t he have at least gone through in a whirl wind effort and picked up just a bit after V went to bed??

Let me acknowledge that it could have been worse. Granted, the counters hadn’t been wiped down in the five days I was gone, and the trash hadn’t been emptied, but at least most of the dishes were done. You may or may not remember my mentioning that my husband is physically unable to finish all the dishes. He always leaves at least one or two sitting behind for reasons unknown to most.

And the toys is the living room. My guess is that there was only ten or so strewn across the room. I could have been all of the toys, so I guess I should consider myself grateful.

No beds were made.

No laundry was done.

No grocery shopping took place.

No mail was opened.

But he did water the plants. And he did take good care of our son. So in an effort to look at life glass-half-full, I kept my mouth shut, put a fat smile on my face – and promptly thought about the fact that I’d be able to bitch about it here … on this blog!

Thanks for the therapy, friends!

We’re off to Pine Mountain Lake for a few days of rest and relaxation – happy 4th of July to all!