Here we are … 2 years and 7 months after we were blessed with your birth. Where has the time gone?

June proved to be a very fun month for you. We went to a party at Tristan’s parents house. You and Tristan were obsessed with playing baseball. Although neither of you have the concept of sharing down yet, you both managed to play without any major meltdowns. Way to make Mama proud!

We saw Papa and Janet twice this month – once at our house and once at Papa’s. You love your Papa very much and always get so excited to see him! You also got to spend some time with “uncony” (Uncle Tony) – whom you love, love, love!

We spent the 4th of July holiday up at Pine Mountain Lake. Dan Dan and his parents joined us, as well as Auntie Gail and Uncle Gary. You and Dan Dan became quick pals and played very, very well together all four days. Saturday night the lake had a fireworks show, which you are still talking about, even though you call them “fire flies”. Initially you were afraid of the loud noises, but you quickly realized they weren’t going to hurt you and enjoyed telling all of us what each firework looked like to you. Some of the descriptions you used were a big mouth, spiders, flies, little ants, an airplane, and a baseball. Too, too cute.

Mama had to go on a business trip for five days and missed you very much even though you and Daddy had a great time hanging out together just the two of you!

Spending the entire night in your bedroom is still a challenge. I’d say you succeed approximately 2 out of 7 nights per week. We celebrate big with cookies and stickers each time you accomplish the goal!

Your teachers at school tell us you’re ready for pre-school and you’ve recently started talking about it as well. You want to go to pre-school so that you can be with Wilson and Carley. I’ve explained to you that you can’t go to pre-school until you’re potty trained, which has resulted in you telling us you want to be potty trained. We promptly went shopping and let you pick out your very own big-boy underwear and you like wearing them! You’re still not potty trained – but at least you’re talking about it and showing interest now …

After spending a significant amount of time with another child only two months older than you, we’ve discovered that you are quite the talker. And non-stop I might add. You have lots of stories to tell us, you are curious about everything, and you love to make up songs to sing us. The song you made up the other day was about you hitting the baseball, getting a home run and playing golf with daddy. Life just doesn’t get much sweeter, my love.

Our family is in for some rough times ahead as Daddy and I try to decide how and whether or not to proceed with our relationship. Your Daddy and I may not be the perfect wedded match, but we want you to understand that no matter what … no matter what … we both love you very much and will do everything in our power to make sure you feel comfort, love, safety and security at all times. Hopefully, when you are older and are reading this you will look back on this time with mostly positive memories.

I love you, my sweat pea –  Mama