Until I figure out exactly how to post the code to get this working correctly, I’m doing so manually … so here we go:

Thirteen Things About Mama G:

  1. I get frustrated when I can’t add something to my blog because it’s too frickin’ difficult for my elementary little mind to figure out.
  2. I’m trying to lose ten pounds and the salami sandwich I just ate is doing nothing to help me in that effort.
  3. While at work, I drink water from a huge plastic cup with pink flamingos on it.
  4. I bought the flamingo cup in April of this year – when it was still raining nearly every day and I wanted something summer-like in my life to cheer me up.
  5. I had the chance this past week to spend approximately 24 hours with one of my best friends who was visiting from Mississippi. It was not nearly enough time.
  6. I’m grateful for the fact that V will get to grow up spending time at the lake house. He is sure to build life-long memories of summers spent swimming, fishing, hiking, etc.
  7. I desperately want a new cell phone but am too cheap to buy one. With my plan I get a new phone every two years and have five months left before I can get another new one.
  8. I use my digital camera nearly every single day.
  9. My iPod is currently playing Upside Down by Barenaked Ladies as I sit and type this.
  10. I’m wearing the world’s cutest shoes today even though they are killing my feet. I’ll try to take a picture of them later and upload it so you can see how cute they really are!
  11. There are 56 days left before I turn 40.
  12. I plan on celebrating for a month.
  13. I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow and can’t wait!