Current state of affairs is as follows:

  • there are toys all over my living room floor
  • laundry is piled up above and beyond the clothes hamper
  • there is little to no food in my refrigerator
  • none of our cars have been washed since winter ended
  • the backseat of my car looks like the floor of a movie theatre
  • our backyard grass looks like a driving range – golf balls everywhere
  • my bed hasn’t been made in a week
  • there’s so much shit piled on top of my dining room table that you can’t tell what color tablecloth it has on it were it not for the fact that the tablecloth hangs over the sides
  • at any given moment you can walk around our house and find approximately 15 baseball caps that belong to my husband – none of which are where they actually belong
  • you can also find 4-6 pairs of my husband’s shoes piled up by the back door even though I bought a pretty basket to hide them in. The pretty basket is filled with even more shoes outside of previously mentioned 4-6 pair.

As few as twelve months ago this kind of chaos had me on the brink of a breakdown. I’ve worked hard to adjust my priorities where a clean house is concerned. It’s taken time, but I’m finally able to – without hesitation – enjoy amazing moments with my son without worrying about having to keep him busy while I get the house cleaned. The house does get cleaned – but only about once every two weeks when I put V in daycare for the day so that I can whip it out without interruption and with lightening-fast speed.

When he’s a young adult and I find myself thinking back on his childhood, I want my memories to be of riding bikes, playing ball, playing with trains and reading books – not the fact that everything else in my life (except for my son) was One Big Mess.