I’m not sure if someone Photoshop’d this image or not, but it certainly brought back a memory that I hadn’t thought about in some time …

When V was probably 10-11 months old, he was playing in the living room. It was late afternoon, and I was exhausted and actually fell asleep on the sofa while he was playing next to me. I swear I couldn’t have been asleep more than five or ten minutes.

I woke up to find red sharpie ALL over my coffee table, the carpet, and V himself. It looked like the damn thing had exploded, even though it hadn’t. Had I not been startled in to reality, I would have had enough sense in me to take a picture because it was unbelievable! Ev-ery-where.

Two words, people. Rubbing alcohol. It took every ounce of that red sharpie pen out of my carpet. Looks like new. It didn’t, however, work on the coffee table. Thankfully, it’s an old piece of you-know-what and is made of very dark wood, so it’s barely noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

Awww, memory lane!