This past year market the 30th anniversary of our annual family campout. We celebrated in style – as we always do – with all of the silly traditions we’ve built up over the years. I’ve missed exactly one campout in the last 30 years and it devastated me. I’m blessed to have such an amazing family – a family who really knows how to have fun together – and I’m so excited that V is part of this next generation that will have the chance to enjoy all that our family campout has to offer.

Because we’ve created so many traditions, I thought it’d be fun to see how many I could list in honor of our 30th year:

  1. Margaritas upon arrival Saturday afternoon
  2. “Show Me the Money” (a game)
  3. Pork buried in the ground to cook overnight
  4. Endless games of Pedro
  5. Midnight eggs cooked over the fire pit – with Lebanese bread
  6. Midnight tequilla shots
  7. Sunrise Gin Fizzes
  8. Bacon and egg breakfast with Lebanese bread
  9. Swimming at the creek
  10. Picking blackberries
  11. Making homemade ice cream
  12. Family lottery (I’ve won 4 times in 30 years … sadly, not this year)
  13. Bocce ball
  14. Volleyball
  15. Ping pong

Fifteen traditions that can be found at each and every annual campout. No wonder we have such a fabulous time … who wouldn’t, right?