Maybe she’s just trying to be nice and engage me in conversation, but for some reason every time this mom approaches me at daycare, I find myself looking for the nearest fire escape route.

Our children are about 9 months apart in age, with V being the older of the two. Nine months at this age is a HUGE difference – might as well be a 20 years old versus a 60 year old – but for some reason this mom wants to compare notes.

“How many signs does V know?”

“How many words does he say?”

“At what age did he start speaking in full sentences?”

“How many ‘Thomas the Train’ sets does he have?”

“Ever since you mentioned you found a bike for V at a garage sale, I’ve been looking everywhere for one for my son.”

Part of me feels guilty for wanting to run for the hills every time I see this woman. She’s never been anything but nice. But for some reason she just bugs. As you may or may not know by now, I’m ‘old’ for a first-time mom and judging only from the looks of this woman, so is she. Perhaps this is why she’s decided she wants to compare notes with me? She makes me feel like I’m some kind of mom-of-the-year. I guess I should feel honored – but I don’t. I have spent time thinking about this because it does bother me that she’s really done nothing to me personally to warrant the fact that she irritates the hell out of me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that her style of mothering – from what little I’ve seen – is what annoys me. She’s a hoverer. Every where he child is, she’s a half step behind picking things up for him, throwing things away for him, handing him things he’s reaching for. It’s constant. I just want to stand and scream “Let the child do it himself! He can – I promise you!” I’ve definitely got an issue with personal space and those who invade it – and even though this woman doesn’t invade my personal space, it makes me grind my teeth every time I see her invading her son’s personal space.

Why do I care? Who knows. I’m neurotic that way. I’ve got to get over it.