I’m off for my annual girls weekend … one of at least two I take a year, each with different sets of friends. This weekend will be with my best friend who recently moved to Reno and another very close friend, with whom I rarely get together these days.

We’re headed to Lake Tahoe where we will hike, bike, hang out at Camp Richardson’s and drink Rum Runners while listening to live music, we will gamble and go dancing. But more important than all of that, we will reconnect. Neither of these women are married nor do they have kids, so as you likely can imagine, we need some reconnecting every now and then.

The last time I left I came home to a messy house and was pretty upset. I have a husband who has yet to master the clean-up-as-you-go technique. The place is always a disaster when I’ve been gone for more than 24 hours. I’ve smartened up. This time, I’m leaving the house a mess … hee, hee, hee!