While I was away for the weekend enjoying time with my girlfriends in Lake Tahoe, little did I know that a miracle was taking place at home.

No, I did not come home to a clean house. Dishes were in the sink. Toys were every where, laundry was piled a mile high, and our entry way looked like a shoe store. Worse then expected, actually.

I didn’t come home to a clean house – but I did come home to a mostly potty trained son! Proof positve that dreams really do come true!!

Immediately I had to hear every single detail of just how the Husband pulled this off. When I left for the mountains on Friday, V would tell us when he had to go pee, but typically he’d tell us as he was peeing in his pants. On the few occassions he’d sit on the toilet, he would try to force the pee out of him to no avail. It was as if he was intimidated somehow, or afraid of failure, or maybe just not sure how to relax to make it all happen. Brilliantly, the Husband found a way to relax him enough to get the pee flowing. He put V’s hand in a cup of warm water and SUCCESS! It flowed! They celebrated big. They called everyone. They had cookies. They danced. V absolutely glowed in the positive reinforcement and had only three accidents the remainder of the weekend … two of which were poop accidents.

And tonight? Tonight we celebrated our very first poop in the toilet. Thank you very much. My voice is hoarse from all of the singing and screams of joy!

We’re a happy bunch right now. We know better than to expect that the kid is potty trained and that’s that. We know there will be accidents. And I’ve already mourned the loss of the diaper. After all, it is much easier doing errands without having to use a public restroom … espcially since I’m a freak about germs in public restrooms. Ick.

Germs aside, we have much to celebrate. And I’m looking forward to my upcoming girls weekend next month (in celebration of my 40th) because I’m hoping that I’ll come home to learn that V is now a gourmet cook!