August 4, 2006

My Dearest V:

Today is your two-year eight-month birthday and I just can’t believe it. As always, summer has been a busy one.

The highlights of the last month include:

  • We spent another weekend up at Pine Mountain Lake. This month, Auntie Dina and Trevor were with us. They were visisting from Mississippi. It had been over a year since you had seen Trevor and you didn’t remember him. Also at the lake were Heather and Sean with Kelly, and Auntie Cindy and Uncle Peter. You and Kelly took a ride in the raft and went swimming together in the lake. You lost your footing and fell face-first in the lake. I was standing right there and caught you right away, but it scared you enough that you would no longer go in past your knees.
  • You attended your third Family Campout and we slept in a tent for the very first time together. You absolutely loved it! You played ping pong, baseball and chased all of your cousins for hours. You didn’t eat anything healthy the entire weekend … and your favorite was the homemade ice cream with freshly picked black berries.
  • While Mama went away with her friends for a weekend, you and your Daddy stayed home together and broke all the rules. You loved the one-on-one time and surprised your Mama by being potty trained by the time I came home!
  • You started pre-school this month. Your teacher tells me that you are one of the best-behaved children in the classroom, and that you are very curious. You love catching spider in the pre-school garden and you’re especially happy that your friend JT is with you in pre-school.
  • We went up to the foothills one weekend and went wine tasting. Well, the adults tasted the wine, you and Kelly danced all day to the band, and squirted everyone with squirt bottles!
  • We joined the racquet club by our house so that your Daddy and I can get in shape again. You love swimming there and have already met a few new friends!
  • Your vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds with the most noticeable change being your use of “today, tomorrow, last night, yesterday, last weekend, etc.”

It’s been another amazing month for which your Daddy and I are very grateful. We love you, sopa!

Mama G