I had lunch with some friends today and the topic of conversation, as always, turned to kids. We each shared our latest stories of our children – which made me want to make sure I documented them (blogumented?) for posterity. In no particular order … here we go!

World’s Greatest Gift

It was particularly cold this morning. As a result, V woke up earlier than usual and quickly ran in to our bed to cuddle and get warm. About an hour later, I felt him turn around towards me so that we were practically nose to nose. He put his little arm around my neck., eyes still closed. He must have felt me looking at him because he slowly opened his eyes, smiled when he saw me, whispered “I love you, Mama”, closed his eyes and promptly fell back to sleep. I ask you, does it get any better? I think not.

Big V and Auntie D

Conversation in the kitchen during Olivia’s 2nd birthday party:

Auntie D notices V very carefully holding something in the palm of his hand and asks, “What do you have, V?”

Walking towards Auntie D, holding out his hand to proudly show her he answers “Poopy. I have my poopy, Auntie D”. (yes, we still have a poopy accident now and then!)

Want Some?

Me: “What are you drinking, V?”

V: “Emalaide. Want some?”

Me: “Sure! Thank you” (I take a sip)

V: (with LOTS of enthusiasm) “Not too much!!!”

Word of the Week

We’ve been reading V’s I-Spy book quite a bit lately and he’s recently noticed the picture of a yo-yo … which he insists upon calling a yo-ya. And for some reason that makes me laugh. Crack up, actually!