Hot cinnamon rolls, corndogs and yes – even the deep friend twinkie. There’s nothing like ’em, and there’s only one time a year (albeit practically 22 days straight) that I eat them … 

Today was the opening day of the California State Fair. I’ve always loved the fair … well, truthfully I can’t really say *always* because my parents never brought me when I was a child. I didn’t actually attend the State Fair until I moved to Sacramento in college. But in the 22 years since, I’ve never missed the fair and the only opening days I’ve missed were the 6 years I lived in San Francisco.

Damn … 22 years since college? It sounds like I’m so much older than I feel.

The fair. It’s a damn good thing I love it because for the last five years my job has had me in charge of placing volunteers in one of the exhibit halls. Needless to say, I’m a very busy girl right now. (Hence the reason it’s been several days since my last post.)

I can’t wait to take V to the fair and share with him all of the fun things that I love so much. Here are just some of the great things he has to look forward to …

My favorite things about the California State Fair:

  1. Those ultra gooey cinnamon buns
  2. Best corn dogs ever
  3. The petting zoo
  4. The baby animals – those just born
  5. Clydesdales
  6. Horse races
  7. The Blues and Brews tent
  8. The concert series!!
  9. The hypnotist that performs every year
  10. The 9/11 exhibit
  11. The exhibits that showcase the art and creations of kids
  12. The skateboard exhibition
  13. The temporary tattoo place
  14. The nightly parade
  15. The nightly fireworks – which I can see from my bedroom window!
  16. The County Exhibits
  17. The deep fried twinkie
  18. The ten minute massages
  19. The place that cleans my shoes for me
  20. Watching the demonstrations of all the fun machines that can only be found at the fair … and watching how many people actually buy them!

I’m still thinking about that salsa machine I saw there last year. I guess I’ll have to see if it’s here again … and I might just have to bring one home with me!