For a person who has her camera with her at all times … and not only with her, but usually in her hand, turned on, ready to catch that perfect moment on film to cherish forever … I’m afraid I’m not so quick on the draw.

Last night we took V to the Rivercats baseball game with about 40 friends. He fell in love with what he calls the “monster claw” that his friend Ethan had. Naturally, I had to buy him one as well. Thankfully it was inexpensive. Armed with my camera, all poised and ready, I took quite a few pictures – just a few of which are here …

 RC3     RC2     RC1

It was about the 4th inning when our team had a home run that put them in the lead. The crowd – myself included – went wild. Jumping up and down, yelling and screaming – and V did not hesitate to join in the fun. Monster claw in hand, he was jumping and screaming. It was during our celebration that he briefly looked up at me with a look of I-couldn’t-be-having-more-fun-if-I-tried on his face. Smile from ear to ear.

Absolutely priceless. A moment caught only in memory as I was too slow on the uptake to capture it on film. Oh well … at least I had the camera ready when we ran in to Dinger!