If there’s one thing I find myself constantly working on, it’s patience. The majority of the time I show a great amount of patience with my son. I’m blessed with a very easy child, but he is nearly three and has certainly started testing his bounderies. The problem is that I feel like I’m using my daily dose of my patience with my son, which leaves me empty of patience for the rest of the world.

Things that would normally never bother me have been sending me right over the edge lately. Certain people are worse than others. I work with two women who, ordinarily, I can laugh at, make fun of, brush off. But lately, they are workin’ my last nerve. One of them grates me so bad, I’d rather listen to you scratch your fingernails down a chalk board. Thankfully, I only work part time … otherwise I’d be in big, big trouble.

How can I replenish my patience? I’m thinking a vacation from adults would work. A week to spend away from all of them – except the Husband. I need to make that happen – and sooner rather than later!