Sometimes it takes an act of God to get things done around my house. That, or a party. Yes, a party.

Being that I’m turning 40 in a week and a half, and I didn’t want to leave the celebration in the hands of the Husband for fear that he’d invite people I don’t like being around, I have taken it upon myself to plan my own soirre.

First step in planning the party? Aside from the guest list, it’s the honey-do list. Because we live in a project house to begin with, the honey-do list is never-ending. And I’m not sure what is it about hosting a party that makes the Husband want to build new things, but it does. This time? He’s building a margarita machine and a bar. Well, at least that’s what he told me two months ago when I announced we were having a birthday party … now here we are a week and a half from d-day and we have no margarita machine and no bar. I wonder if he always waited to 24 hours prior to his finals in college before he’d study? He certainly acts like he did …

Anyway – so we’ve got about 15 things on the list that range from the “must do” (like shampooing the carpet) to the “dreaming” variety … which likely includes the bar – and staining the deck. I’m going to stay on his case for the margarita machine because that’s a “must do” on my list! Pass the salt, please!

I’m currently working on building a playlist on my iPod of dance music. Problem is that I’m not very good at thinking of must-have songs on that list. Any suggestions?? I’m looking for rock-the-house dancing music. Oh, and I’ll likely throw in some Abba too … for ol’ times sake!