We all know them. Those people who talk non-stop about their kid(s) and seem virtually incapable of talking about anything else what-so-ever. Some of us have even turned in to “one of them” – against our better judgment.

After becoming a first-time mom, I did what most moms do. I joined a moms club. I did not like it from the get-go. But rather than rushing to judgment, I forced myself to attend three or four outings before confirming it wasn’t for me. I just did not want to sit around and compare my kid to others and talk about nothing else. My motivation for joining was adult interaction, sprinkled with conversations about parenthood of course, but not dominated.

That was nearly 3 years ago. Now I find myself actually telling myself “change the subject … talk about non-kid things”. I’ve made my friends promise me that they will tell me if I start to become “one of those” people. I’m still not in to comparing one kid to another – but I am fascinated, blown away, intrigued, even obsessed with witnessing the development and growth of children … and not just mine. This age is the best (so far). Language is developing, yet they often say things incorrectly for the benefit of my amusement … they’re figuring out how things work and don’t work … they’re mannerisms are starting to mimic that of the adults around them … and I can’t get enough of it.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered blogging. Because I have a mommy blog, I can shamelessly go one-and-on and talk about my kid – and no one has to listen to me! But getting it out there makes me feel good. This way, I spare my friends the never-ending stories and share with them only a few now and then.

So here I go again … two conversations that took place last night that reminded me that there is truly nothing better than parenthood:

“V, what’s your name?”

“My name is (insert nickname)”

“What’s your full name?”

“My name is (insert first and last name)”

“Do you have a middle name?”


“What is it?”


“It’s (insert middle name).”


“Where do you live, V?”

“I live at pre-school!”


“I’m a big boy, mama”

“Yes, you are. You are my big boy!”

“You’re not a boy, silly mama”

“That’s right –  I’m a girl. You are a boy. You are my big boy”

“And you are my big mama”

“Geez. Thanks kid”