September 4, 2006

My dearest V – Today you are two and three-quarters years old! The last month has been a bit of a blur, we’ve been so busy! Here are the highlights:

  • You had your first overnight with your Papa and Nonni. They took you to the circus (for your first time), where you first tried cotton candy. You loved all three experiences, but your favorite was the cotton candy. You are definitely my kid with that kind of sweet tooth!
  • We went to the State Fair where you played in the petting zoo, rode some play cars, looked at the cows, and loved the Superhero exhibit.
  • You spent two weekends with Daddy while Mama was out of town. You spent time with Grandma G and impressed her with your ability to sing in Spanish.
  • You started pre-school and you love it. Your Spanish is starting to blossom – and your language skills, in general, continue to explode.
  • You don’t like your colors. They aren’t coming easy to you which frustrates you, so you no longer enjoy your books which practice colors. That’s okay … in good time!
  • We’ve been swimming and although you can’t yet swim, you are no longer afraid of the big pool and readily jump in if I’m right there to catch you!

Thanks for another amazing month. We’re three quarters of the way through the twos, and thankfully they’ve been a blast. Mornings are still my favorite time of the day with you because you are such a cuddle bug and love letting me hug you.

You’re simply the best. Best. Best! Love you, bubs.