For some unknown reason, life has kicked in to high gear over the last few weeks and I’ve not been peddling fast enough to keep up! My to-do list is getting longer by the moment, and the days are getting shorter. How? How is this possible?

Likely because of the lack of time to sit and actually create a single post on a single subject, I’m afraid today needs to be a data dump. All stuff floating around in my head that I just have to get out. So, here it is … in no particular order:

One Happy Anniversary  – In one of those full-circle things that happen to us now and then, my husband now works for the company that I was working for when he and I met ten years ago. I only worked there a year, he’s nearing three. The company? Genentech. Amazing company to work for – very family focused, noble cause, well-paying, etc. Genentech is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and yesterday was the company-wide celebration. All 8,000 employees and significant others and kids were invited. We were treated to free food, free drink and free entertainment. We’re not talking just any ol’ entertainment, kids. We’re talking the Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan, Black Eyed Peas and the Eagles. Not kidding. Life at GNE is good, as any stock holder can attest!

Feeling Bad – A week and a half ago I spoke to an old friend on the phone. We’ve not spoken in probably two or three years, and have emailed only occasionally. She recently went through a cancer scare that reminded her of the important things in life, and she has since reached out to reconnect.

During the course of one of our conversations, she was talking about the fact that her husband cheated on her. She told me that he cheated with one of my best friends. News to me and knowing said best friend like I do, I don’t believe her, yet I didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell her that I didn’t believe it. Said best friend has always had very strong feelings about infidelity, so I can’t imagine this news to be true.

While we were discussing the subject of cheating, I told her that I had ended my friendship with a once mutual friend because of the fact that that person had cheated on my brother when she was dating him. Are you following me? If not, let me try to explain. I know a slut. The slut chased after my brother while she was engaged to be married to someone else. The slut is attractive, and my brother fell under her spell, as have hundreds of men before him. The slut and my brother dated. She then cheated on him too. I decided I no longer wanted her as a friend. End of friendship.

So now I’m feeling bad. I’m feeling bad because the woman I was speaking with about this is still friends with the slut and said she’s not aware of the fact that the slut is actually a slut. I guess I feel a little high-schoolish. She told me something about my best friend that upset and me and I don’t believe and what did I do? I sunk to her level and told her something about one of her friends that she doesn’t believe. What in the world was I trying to accomplish? I’m feeling horrible and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Sigh.

Depression? – For the first time in what feels like weeks, I sat down last night to peruse some of my favorite blogs and while reading a post commemorating the anniversary of September 11th it suddenly struck me that I think I might be depressed. Yes, I’m busy – but I’m always busy. If I’m truly honest with myself I think the real reason I had lost interest in blogging, in reading, in seeing my friends, in doing much of anything is that I’ve been depressed. The events of 9/11 struck me hard. I didn’t know anyone involved in the tragedy, but at the time it happened I wasn’t working, so for the first week or so I was glued to the TV, and ultimately suffered a bout with depression. Five years later, I guess I realized it still affects me. The good news is that I’m coming out of the depression and starting to feel like my old self again. Whew!

In the middle of typing this post, I received the following email … timing is everything!

Several years ago, a teacher put a carpet mat in the classroom and told the children it was a ‘Quiet or Peace’ mat and they could take it and sit quietly on it when they wished. It was moderately successful.

Last year, the teacher added a small tray with a one-minute timer and the word “peace” to the shelf and it was an instant hit. The children love to take the mat and the tray and sit quietly while they watch the sand shift.

At a Back-to-School night at school, and near the end of the evening, someone asked what the peace mat was. After the teacher explained a hand went up and a mom said, “Thank you so much for clearing up a mystery at our house.” She went on to explain that her husband is a contractor who works from home. One day when he was especially harried, little just-turned-three Mikayla went to the kitchen and got an egg timer and then got a door mat and dragged it into his office and said, “Here, Daddy. You need peace.” and then left. The parents had been totally baffled….

Today (September 21st) is World Peace Day and, since the prospects of achieving World Peace (even in our lifetime) seem remote, that teacher and I wish you all have at least a few minutes of inner peace in your busy day.