Since V began pre-school last month, his language skills have exploded and I’m having the greatest time with him!

He is quite the little story-teller and every day comes home with new stories to tell me. I can usually tell which new word or words he’s picked up because he uses them over and over again.

His two favorite stories involve “some people” and the word “dangerous”. They go something like this:

“Some people like to drink milk.”

“Some people don’t like to take baths.”

“We can’t climb to the top of that tree because it’s too dwayne-gerus”

“We can’t sit on top of the car because it’s too dwayne-gerus”

“Some people might want to chase the ball in to the street, but if they do a car might hit them. Then they’d have an owie and have to go to the hospital. That wouldn’t be good. It’s too dwayne-gerus”

How old are you, V? Impressive, really impressive!