V will be turning three years old in exactly two months. Since shortly after his birth, people have been asking me if I’ve given any thought to where he will go to school.


What? Already? Are you kidding me? However, after about the third or fourth time I was asked, I did start to think about it for fear of not being prepared. Frankly, I wasn’t even sure how to figure out what public school he was supposed to attend. We don’t live extremely close to any, so I had to do some online research. It didn’t take long to find out what elementary school he would attend, and it took even less time to figure out that it wasn’t in the best neighborhood. After reading through the school test scores and driving by the school – it quickly became apparent that I was not comfortable sending my son there.


The Husband and I sat down to discuss our options. Private school is not something we want to consider right now for several reasons – money and the fact that I come from a long line of public school teachers. We decided we’d rather save our money so that we can consider private high school … when it will may likely be much more effective and more needed.


The one option we have been seriously considering is that of moving to a different area. More than just the schooling aspect, we are also looking for a more kid-friendly, family-focused neighborhood than the older, more mature one in which we currently live. The problem in that over the last six months or so, we have noticed many more strollers, car seats and young families infiltrating the area – making it more difficult to leave the home we so love.


Just two nights ago, on our evening family walk, we ran in to one of our neighbors whose daughter just started elementary school. In our conversation, I quickly learned that the school which I was so worried about CLOSED down, that our district had been re-graphed, and that the school V would now attend is one of the most sought after in the city!


You have NO idea the enormity of the sigh of relief I experienced. I can now sleep just a bit better with this knowledge in my back pocket.