Saturday … in October. College football day. The Husband had a bunch of his buddies over to watch the games allllll day long, so V and I left the house early.

First stop – bagel shop. Shortly after ordering our bagels I noticed a clean-cut man dressed in slacks and a sport coat enter the place. He had a bible and a cell phone, both of which he placed on an empty table near the window as he took his place in line to order.

Ten years ago, I probably wouldn’t have taken notice at all – but this morning I actually feared the guy. Perhaps it was because one of the last stories on the news before I went to bed last night was about the funerals of the five Amish girls that had been murdered by the guy who was mad at God.

Could this guy be mad at someone? I watched him carefully, trying not to be too obvious. Was he really acting weird, or was it just my imagination? Why was he holding his sport coat jacket so carefully while trying to take out his wallet? Was he hiding something? Like a gun??

Immediately after ordering his food he walked down the hall towards the restroom. He was gone quite awhile – and I actually felt my heart beat a bit faster. Calm down, I told myself. Any second he’ll walk out and grab his food, right? What is taking him so long? Where is he? Panic attack starts developing. Oooh, this isn’t good. Should I just grab V and leave now? Quickly?

Finally he appeared, grabbed his food, sat down by the window and started reading his bible. Harmless. Whew. Sigh. How sad that an ordinary guy carrying around a bible can cause me to question his harmlessness. Welcome to 2006, eh?