Every once in awhile something unexpected happens to us that sends shivers down our spine …

After my mom passed away, I took many of her thousands of scrap booking supplies, telling myself that rather than let it all go to waste, I’d put it to good use and start scrapping myself. I am, after all, creative by most standards. And I LOVE photos, so it seemed like a perfect match.

Here we are two-and-a-half years later, and not a single scrap book page to show for it. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Just a closet full of supplies. Taking up much-needed space.

One of the girls I work with is a scrapper so I’ve slowly been bringing things to the office so she can take a look at them. What she doesn’t want/need, I sell on ebay. Isn’t ebay amazing?? Anyway … last week I brought in a paper grocery bag full of mostly unused scrapbooks, pages and page protectors. Also in the bag were several scrapbooking magazines and a few how-to books. As I was quickly showing her all of the goodies contained within, a 5×7 black and white glossy slipped out between some pages somewhere.

Silence. Shivers. Spine tingles. Speechless.

It’s a photo of my mom that I had never before seen. If I had to guess, she’s probably about 17 years old or so. She’s standing on a hill-top with nothing but farm land behind her. The sun is shining brightly, she’s holding a writing tablet in her left hand, a pencil poised for writing or drawing in her right. And she’s got the biggest, most stunning smile on her face. It is probably one of the best photos I’ve ever seen of my mom – and how odd that it was in -by itself – with a bunch of scrap booking supplies.

The photo sits proudly and directly in front of me at my office so that I can look at it often. And I do. Countless times a day. Who knew that such a small piece of paper could bring such an amazing amount of joy and peace? Oh, but it has …