Last Friday was Friday the 13th, and it sure felt like it. Nothing in my day went completely right … everything was just a little off-kilter.

To begin with, I slept too late and had to rush, rush, rush V to pre-school. When I arrived to drop him off, one of his teachers informed me that the previous day V ripped pages out of five different books. He did what? Are you sure? We read each and every night and he never rips pages, so I was baffled.

Fast forward. Pre-school is over. I walk in to the pre-school to find V out in the play yard, shoveling mud. His new shoes look like they have mud die casts on them. His clothes are a complete mess, and his hands couldn’t be muddier if he tried.

As I walk towards him to notify him that we need to get him cleaned up before he can get in the car to come home, another teacher approaches me with.that.look. You know the look. The one that says “boy, is your kid in trouble”. Oh dear Lord. What now? Well, it appears that this time we have a list:

  1. V refused to take a nap today
  2. V drew with crayon all over the table and when told to clean it up, he cried and said he ‘didn’t know how’
  3. V continued playing in the mud after repeated requests for him to stop. Additionally, he threw “snow balls” (mud balls) at his friends.

Who IS this kid? And what did he do with my V??

That was Friday … the 13th … and today is Monday. I’m on my way to pick him up from pre-school in about an hour. On our way to school this morning we discussed how he should behave, that he needs to listen to his teacher, yada yada yada. I’m a bit apprehensive about what I will encounter when I arrive. I’m hoping his teacher will greet me with smiles. Fingers crossed.