When I went to pick V up from pre-school yesterday I was apprehensive about how the teacher would greet me (see yesterday’s post). Luckily, she greeted me with a smile. Yes, V listened to her all day. Yes, he followed instructions and paid attention to his jobs. Just one problem … no nap.

It’s now apparent that my son, who is one and a half months shy of his third birthday, have given up on the nap. Nap No More. So very sad for Mama. It’s not that I get that much done during the two-hour break – it’s more about the fact that there is a two-hour break. Truth me told, most of the time, I’m napping when he’s napping. So I guess the question is, how will I function without MY nap any longer??

Part of me can’t wait for the day that V is a teenager, happy to sleep his life away. Not that I want him to grow up too quickly, I don’t. I just want my naps! It occurred to me today while talking to a friend about this that I was a born napper. I napped all through high school, college, and nearly every day in the 17 years since college. We’re not talking long naps, but more like power naps. They work for me – and I’m so sad that they are going away!

I wonder if I can figure out a way to sneak in a quick nap at the office before leaving each day?  A girl can dream, can’t she?