Here we are, almost 2-1/2 years to-the-day after my mom passed away and in two days, my dad is getting remarried. If I had a penny for every time someone has asked me how I’m dealing with it, I’d be rich.  Please don’t misunderstand, the fact that all of the people in my life are concerned with how I feel is a very warm and fuzzy feeling for me. But for some reason, every time someone asks me how I’m feeling about it I somehow feel like I’m betraying my mom when I say that I’m so very happy for my dad.

I know I’m not betraying my mom. No question. In fact, I’m convinced my dad’s fiance (Janet) was hand-picked for him by my mom. Their date, after all, was never supposed to happen. It was purely by accident that they ever met. My dad has started internet dating and had started an email dialog with Janet. They wrote back and forth a few times and even scheduled a date – which Janet then cancelled. So my dad, not being one to beg or waste time, moved on to the abundance of other women in his age range looking for companionship. It was while scheduling a date over email with a different woman that he accidentally emailed Janet the details about that date. Janet emailed him back and said “you sent this to me accidently” – but it started a dialog between the two again and they ended up meeting a few weeks later. You see, my dad is not very savvy on the computer – it was my mom who was obsessed with the computer and email. So I believe that it was my mom who intervened to make sure Janet received that email ‘accidently’ from my dad!

The reason I believe Janet was hand-picked by my mom is because the two women had so much in common … their love for their family, their work in the community, their strong friendships, their love of Italian pottery, just to name a few. If my mom were alive today, I am convinced that if she were to meet Janet, they would become fast and life long friends.  It is for that reason that I have such an overwhelming sense of peace. 

So, we’re off to a weekend full of family fun – and lots of new blended family photos!