Up until recently, my son and I have had the same taste in most things. He’s yet to like a food that I dislike, he likes the music I like, he likes me, I like him, and so on and so on. I had never really given much thought to the fact that as he grows, his likes will expand, and he will eventually find something that he likes that I don’t. Such as raw tomatoes. Or brussel sprouts. Or acid rock music.


Every morning we have a little routine. We wake up, snuggle in bed for awhile, head downstairs, grab some milk and a banana for V and snuggle him up under a blanket on the sofa while I take a shower. This is his favorite time of the day because he gets to watch TV. And he loves TV.


A few weeks ago, he was watching Blues Clues and something on it scared him so he asked me to change the channel. I put on Nick Jr. and there was some cartoon – so I left it there while I continued to get ready for my day. But wait … what is that horrible sound coming from the living room? Is my son trying to sing? Is he really that tone deaf? No, it’s not V … it’s the TV … it’s these little ‘things’ called the Backyardigans. Who? What? How? And WHY????


For the next two days he wanted to watch Backyardigans. I watched one show with him to make sure that it was age-appropriate because I’d never heard of these yardigan hooligans. So yes, it’s age appropriate but I’m not sure it’s ear-appropriate. These poor kids on this show can’t sing!! And it’s painful to listen to!


Maybe it’s just the one full and two partial episodes that I saw? Maybe their singing has improved? Maybe the three episodes I heard were – be sheer luck – the only three bad singing episodes ever created?? Somehow, I doubt it.


It’s harmless. V loves them. He dances when they sing – so who am I to bitch. After all, I’m rarely in the room when it’s on anyways … right?