I simply love Halloween! I love the hunt for the perfect costume, I love the kids all dressed up, I love the parties – all of it!

When I was in college my roommates and I – four of us total – rented a rather large home that was located at the end of a culd-e-sac. We really got in to Halloween each year and created quite a reputation around our neighborhood. One year, we were even featured on the 10:00pm news as one of the scariest houses in town!

The scene was always the same – a graveyard. We had a full-sized coffin, tons of tombstones, dead people stuck under our garage door, heads on platters, etc. The music, the fog, the screaming. We had it all. I feel sorry for the family that moved in to that home after we moved out, for I am positive they had a group of unhappy kids at the next Halloween!

The Husband and I moved in to our current home five Halloweens ago. I remember when we were considering the house, I saw the front porch and immediately thought of all kinds of fun things we could do to it come Halloween time! The possibilities were endless!

We live in a highly-Halloweened neighborhood – the kind where families drive in from the outskirts to bring their kids. I was so excited to decorate that first year that I enlisted the help of some friends. We created a very scary, very ghoulish, very dark and evil ‘village’ for the kids to enter to get their candy. Music, cobwebs, fog – all of it.

Hours of preparation … tons on anticipation … and less than 20 kids the.entire.night. What the hell??

It turns out that the street that we live on has a bit too much traffic for the preference of the average family – so our house is basically skipped each year. HUGE disappointment.

So that was my one and only take at Halloween in our current home. In each subsequent year, the lights have been off and we’ve not been home. And I must admit, the thought of Halloween started to depress me. 

Until I became a parent.

Who hoo! A whole new bag of fun with a toddler!!! I couldnt’ wait! Last year V was old enough – just under two – to go out trick-or-treating, so we took him. I explained the process … walk up to the door, ring the doorbell, when they answer the door, you say “trick or treat” and hold up your pumpkin so they can put candy in it. Simple and so much fun! You’ll love it, V!

Our first house, he and his two little friends walked up. Emily, the oldest of the three, decided she wanted to be the one to ring the doorbell so V placed himself dead center in front of the door, waiting for it to open.

Ding dong.

Door opens. IN walks V! He just walked right in to that house like he owned the place and yelled “trick or treat” at the top of his little lungs. Imagine his surprise when he realized that all of the adults were laughing hysterically at the fact that this itty bitty little guy – dressed as a baseball player – walked in to the house! It never occurred to me to explain to him that he needed to wait on the porch …

I guess you can say that that was my first lesson in learning how to talk to a toddler. I’m proud to report that my instructions since Halloween night one year ago today have been much more clear. This parenting thing takes some practice!

Happy Halloween to all – have a fright-filled and spooky night with your little gobblins!