Where in the world has the time gone? It’s been one week since my last confession blog post, and here I was thinking I was only a day or two behind on my posts. Silly me.

I wish I had some kind of wonderful story to share about all of the fascinating explorations I’ve experienced, or the unforgettable people I’ve met, or some such other interesting tid bits, but no. I’ve just been living my little ol’ life one day at a time.

I must admit I’m getting silly at the thought of the holiday season. I know it’s because this year will be even more fun than last now that we have a three year old. And last year was a chart topper, so I’m not sure how I’m going to handle any more fun.

V’s third birthday is in early December. I’m not sure if he’ll ever forgive me (sarcasm), but he’s not getting a birthday party this year. I figure that until he can ask for a birthday party, I’m going to pass on the party idea. It’s not that I don’t love a party. I do. It’s just that – as I’m sure all of you with children whose birthdays fall near the holidays – I just can’t handle the additional stress. Those with kids older than V have informed me that this will be my last year with no party because next year he’ll definitely start asking about a party. So if that’s the case, I’m thinking we’ll just celebrate one month early. A win-win solution. V gets two birthday celebrations this way … one with his friends a month early, and one with mom and dad the day of. What kid wouldn’t want to celebrate his/her birthday twice?? And me? I get to put 100% in to planning said birthday party rather than a half-assed attemp at it as would be the case were we to have the party on or around his actual birthday.

But let me be clear. Putting 100% in to planning a birthday party for a four-year old will not constitute bringing a petting zoo to my house, or a portable race track, or any other over-the-top kind of birthday party entertainment. I will not get caught up in the competition of out-doing what Jimmy’s mom did for his party. Will not. Cake, ice cream, a few games. Easy and guaranteed to be tons of fun for all four-year olds in attendance!

Check back with me this time next year to see if I’ve succeeded in my attempt to remain a minimalist with regard to this subject. And wish me luck!

On a completely unrelated topic, the following brief exchange took place bewteen V and I sometime last week while we were lounging around one morning in bed. I don’t want to forget it, so here it is …

“V, how’d you get so darn cute?”

“I ate lots of candy!!!”