We’re less than 24-hours away from Thanksgiving! Which, by the way, means that we have only 33 days until Christmas. How in the world did that happen??

My family is obsessed with traditions. We have, for example, an annual family campout during which some 35 years ago my great Uncle woke up at midnight to cook eggs over the fire pit for us young kids that were whining “we’re hungry”. To this day, if there is even a  hint of talk about starting the midnight eggs a bit early – say, 11:45pm – the poor soul who had the misfortune of suggesting such an atrocity is lucky not to find himself hung by his toenails over the fire pit. Not pretty. But we never fuck with tradition in our family.

So, this Thanskgiving we will, as always, start drinking too much too early. Red wine and margaritas. Not necessarily in that order. Once the buzz is well under way, we will pull out too many appetizers, followed by our Thanksgiving dinner of a deep fried turkey, my Sita’s famous stuffing, and raviolis. The side dishes do change from year to year, but that’s about it. After dinner, we continue to stuff ourselves with blackberry-apple sour cream pie and/or apple pie. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream.

Of course Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if we didn’t mention everything we’re thankful for … and I have so many, many things in my life to be thankful for: an amazing son, an unbelievable family, a whole new family, a fun and flexible job that pays me very well, the best boss in the whole world, my health and the health of my family, great friends, a beautiful (albeit messy) house to live in, two black dogs to cuddle with, warm and fuzzy memories of a beautiful mom, lots of laughter, and the fact that my hair color turned out just perfectly yesterday!

From my family to yours, enjoy your time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday – and gobble ’til you wobble!